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Paintball and Low Impact Paintball

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What is Traditional Paintball?

Our Traditional Paintball games are what most people associate with when referring to paintball. We use a standard mechanical paintball gun that shoots 68 caliber paintballs which is a step up over our Low Impact Paintball. Our traditional paintball format is recommended for ages 12+ mainly due to the weight and size of the playing equipment as well as the force of the 68 caliber paintball.

Here at North East Adventure Paintball & Airsoft, walk-ons are welcome! Stop on by and play paintball without a reservation. You will be added to a group of other walk-on players. While a reservation is not required, due to the popularity of paintball, we recommend booking your rental equipment in advance to guarantee availability.
teenage paintball players
low impact paintball

What is Low Impact Paintball?

Normal paintballs are .68 caliber. Our low impact paintballs are .50 caliber – a much smaller paintball so the impact is much less!  Besides being smaller, low impact paintballs are lighter and more fragile – they burst easier and make for a lighter weight in the hopper.

Our paintballs are also non-toxic, stain-resistant and wash out of most clothing!  We keep paintball fun for everyone!

Low Impact Paintball is for Everyone!

All ages, from six to 90, enjoy low impact paintball! Whether you’re booking paintball parties, a bachelor or bachelorette party, a youth group or church event, a school outing or just having fun with friends and family, low impact paintball makes for a fun experience! All of the adventure of regular paintball with way less impact! Never played before? We’ll show you how!!